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The Ikan Biotech (hereafter referred as IB) is a Spanish biotechnological whose activity is dedicated to use of zebrafish avatars as an in vivo platform to guide therapeutic decisions in actionable cancer patient- directed interventions. These avatars will be created by xenotransplantation (interspecies transplant) of human cancer cell lines/ tumor samples in zebrafish. The objective of zebraONCOfish project is to provide a tool based on a combination of AI together with real-time results in a live model such as the zebrafish that can help in the therapeutic treatment of patients with tumor processes at different stages. By providing a standard tool that can be used by hospitals, insurers and the industry, it is hoped that the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) will be increased more efficiently.

To date, the latest generation of Companion Diagnostics (CDx) are already addressing some of these key aspects, but for the most part of them fail to implement, in the same tool, different multidisciplinary aspects that help to understand, comprehend and, above all, give a totally personalized solution that has a continuous follow-up and helps to obtain the appropriate treatment and, above all, to facilitate the quality of life of the patients.

This document describes the dissemination actions that have been conducted for the zebraONCOfish project. We present the events; communication means and all channels that were used to promote the project and to disseminate its concepts and results to external audiences.