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The main objective of the zebraONCOfish project was to develop and improve an active tool in the personalized treatment for people with cancer or widespread disease, regardless of the stage in which the tumor is found. A new way of bringing to the market a tool was defined that, using a virtual monitor such as AI, allows the final target, the patients, to have confidence and security that the treatment applied is the correct one according to their genetic profile and their associated diseases, medications, etc.

zebraONCOfish involves the local, national and international community in order to adapt and structure itself according to the needs of each stakeholder, regardless of the country or sector, flexing and optimizing market operations to create value, translating into new business models and always with focus on the patient. zebraONCOfish manages all its operations through a platform integrating the benefits of in vivo zebrafish models and iONCOwareTM , based on AI, facilitating self-learning, personalization and reducing the costs associated with the treatments associated with this pathology.

The zebraONCOfish project has been focused on:

  • Define a tool based on feedback from the scientific, business and hospital community to ensure: i) the correct data processing, ii) the flexibility of the platform and, iii) the total integration of all treatment data or other pathologies associated with the patient.
  • Design a methodology and process standardization of zebrafish xenotransplantation.
  • Internal validation and testing of the zebrafish platform with colon tumors.
  • Creation and commissioning of an intelligent system, iONCOwareTM, that uses the data generated by the zebrafish platform and associated studies to give a fully integrated and personalized response.

The zebraONCOfish platform in which iONCOwareTM is merged, an AI element developed and designed during this project, allows our stakeholders to have a totally disruptive tool due to the integrating concept it has.

The innovation in this project lies in the methodology and the technology implemented through new therapy tools, based on zebrafish avatars, which create the basis for the personalization of the treatments, that is, the future of medicine “Personalized

therapy”. The main deliverable of the project is the zebraONCOfish platform together with iONCOwareTM will be a key requirement to help patients and further develop the markets for new anti-tumor compounds and use these new molecules, along with those already tested, by Hospitals for the treatment of their patients.

The developments that are carried out cover two specific areas:

  • The public-private area closest to the patient, with extensions of the tool to cover from treatment in hospitals to incorporation as useful in health insurance, this will lead to the participation of new actors in international development markets of new business models based on this technology.
  • The project area related to the pharmaceutical sector, with the role definition and participation of interested stakeholders and the design and development of new molecules for the treatment of this pathology.

The zebraONCOfish platform, based on a combination of in vivo data plus AI developed for colon cancer, allows the improvement of treatments and, in turn, the participation of the main market stakeholders and the creation of sub-markets to satisfy the future needs of other types of cancer to be implemented, thus being a fully flexible tool adapted to the needs of the interested community. Alternative economic models can coexist with this platform without any type of problem; however, the priority objective is that it be a fully integrated tool in all sectors of interest as something everyday and unique, which allows, insures, treats and improves the life of the patients.

The generation of tools to personalize treatments protects patients from the volatility and nonspecificity of current treatments, allowing substantial improvement in the public-private network of hospitals for the treatment of patients. Furthermore, clinical validation and investment decisions have been designed and implemented for continuous improvement of the platform to increase market options and achieve, what we internally call, globerlization, the union of global plus personalization, the two fundamental pillars in success of this platform.

The zebraONCOfish platform was successfully implemented for colon cancer and signed with two of the stakeholders, CUN & CHN, to demonstrate through clinical validation with them, the potential of the zebrafish avatar plus iONCOwareTM combinatorial tool, leading to the zebraONCOfish platform, to be incorporated into the regular services of the oncology department as well as its use and employment in the management of clinical trials of new candidates promoted by the pharmaceutical sector in these centers for, for example: decision making, forecasting of results , adequate patient profile to join the study and cost reduction. In addition, the main KOLs in the sector have been identified, after the internal strategic change, signing agreements with them as well as new potential clients that this platform has.